Dolly Guitar String Stack Bracelet


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The Dolly Guitar String Stack Bracelet is meant to be stacked to make a bold statement, however it also looks great when you wear just a few for a more casual look. These bracelets are lightweight by nature, but can get heavy depending on the size of the stack. Where all the same color for a monochromactic look, similar colors for an ombré look, or a bunch of different colors to add some fun to your wardrobe.

The Dolly bracelet has limited stretch, if you have large hands these might not work for you. They do need to be rolled on one-by-one, and not as a grouping.

PLEASE NOTE: Bracelets are sold in a stack of 10, however pictures do show a larger stack of 20 or more bracelets. To ensure the longevity of your bracelets rolling them on one-by-one is highly recommended.

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Dolly Guitar String Stack Bracelet

A – Black, B – Teal, C – Gold, D – Rose Gold, E – Royal Blue, F – Orange, G – Orchid, H – Bronze, I – Rainbow, J – Pink, K – Sangria, L – Blush, M – Neon Yellow, N – Neon Green, O – Purple, P – Red Orange, Q – Blue, R – Silver, S – Hot Pink


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